Thoughts on Healthy Nutrition

The human body is an amazing organic machine full of simple layouts and complex functions. Our bodies need to be maintained, healthy nutrition, replenished and fed properly so that they may be able to work properly. However, over the past 50 years, there has been a rise in obesity, and other problems related to unhealthy eating. Make no mistake though, there are plenty healthy fat people, and also unhealthy skinny people.

Health is not a question of body weight unless you are unable to perform day to day functions because of it. The definition for eating healthy is giving your body what it needs in order to maintain itself, function properly, and heal quickly when needed. There is a healthy fat level is needed to maintain the body in times of need.

Typically you want to eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and drink plenty of water. However this is the western idea of healthy eating and isn’t universally compatible with all regions of the world. The best foods for you to eat are mainly dependent on where you live. People who live in colder environments will need more fats for energy and insulation. However people that live in more tropical areas will have better access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Regardless where you live, there will be benefits for the healthy food you eat. When injured, a body in poor health could take up to 3 weeks longer to heal a simple cut or abrasion, while a healthy body could heal much much faster. Feeding your body properly also has other benefits aside from a better healing rate as well.

You will sleep better, feel better, have more energy, and be able to face all the challenges of a new day when fed properly. Also, digestive health is improved when the correct amounts of fiber are ingested. A healthy digestive system will let you absorb nutrients faster, and process waste much easier, and drinking plenty of water will also aid in this too.

In addition proper healthy nutrition helps your mind function better. The brain is reliant on any biological interactions in order to function properly and when you are well nourished everything operates at its peak. This leads to better concentration, mental clarity, and a sharper mind in general.

While it’s hard to get the right foods to take care of ourselves we must always make the effort at least. Many of us prefer to eat more fast food for the sake of convenience which is a very bad thing. While having fast food is okay once in a while you should never make it your primary food source. Remember to eat healthy in regards to available food types in your area and drink plenty of water.

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