High Intensity Interval Training

For those health conscious individuals, exercise is the main factor in ensuring that we live long and develop that chiseled arms and the body that compares to Adonis.

High intensity interval training has been a popular trend that refers to a very specific and special type of training with less intense recovery periods. It alternates cardiovascular strategy exercise to short periods of anaerobic exercise and is done repeatedly until one is too tired to proceed.

The training normally lasts for just 30 minutes but so intense that about 2% weight loss can be achieved in a week (if done minimum of 3 times a week). It is an intense cardio session designed as short bursts of very hard work.

Health effects of HIIT include burning fats and calories in a short amount of time, helps build endurance, boosts metabolism, no equipment necessary, flexibility on your workout routine, good for the heart and challenging.

There are different types of HIIT regimen available – you have to check which program is best for you. You may also have to consult your trainer or your physical therapist if you had previous bone injuries.

Nowadays there are new programs trending in the market – the Venus Factor diet program and the Turbulence Training. Both programs promise the best result and amazing physique after completion.

Venus Factor is a high intensity fitness program specifically designed for women of all ages who aims to have that hourglass figure. It can be quite frustrating for some women especially for those who just gave birth to see that excess fat in their body. This program however is not designed for weight loss or fat burning but for achieving that magical feminine figure. This is a 12-month lifestyle program that involves exercise and flexible diet. When you order the package, you will have all the details on how to download the exercise to do, what to eat and track your improvement. For some people, the almost 200 page eBook may be too overwhelming. However, Venus Factor program promises a sexy and strong figure, a positive lifestyle mindset, and that coveted hourglass figure. Keep in mind that this program is only for women and not to lose fats nor designed for people with bone injuries.

The Turbulence Training was created by a world-renowned fitness expert Craig Ballantyne which aims to help men and women burn fats and calories without having to spend too much time at the gym. It is a workout program that combines resistance training and interval training and considered one of the best HIIT workout and the most effective fat burning program. Turbulence Training workout is a fun way to give you that lean, defined muscle and at the same time lose vast amounts of fats in the body. This program offers a comprehensive 6-week introduction routine, 4-week intermediate and the 16-week advanced program. You may purchase the Turbulence Training program pack through their website and start your way to that healthy body.

Whatever routine you choose, always remember dedication, commitment and intensity is the key that’s why you really have to give it your 100% attention.

Thoughts on Healthy Nutrition

The human body is an amazing organic machine full of simple layouts and complex functions. Our bodies need to be maintained, healthy nutrition, replenished and fed properly so that they may be able to work properly. However, over the past 50 years, there has been a rise in obesity, and other problems related to unhealthy eating. Make no mistake though, there are plenty healthy fat people, and also unhealthy skinny people.

Health is not a question of body weight unless you are unable to perform day to day functions because of it. The definition for eating healthy is giving your body what it needs in order to maintain itself, function properly, and heal quickly when needed. There is a healthy fat level is needed to maintain the body in times of need.

Typically you want to eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and drink plenty of water. However this is the western idea of healthy eating and isn’t universally compatible with all regions of the world. The best foods for you to eat are mainly dependent on where you live. People who live in colder environments will need more fats for energy and insulation. However people that live in more tropical areas will have better access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Regardless where you live, there will be benefits for the healthy food you eat. When injured, a body in poor health could take up to 3 weeks longer to heal a simple cut or abrasion, while a healthy body could heal much much faster. Feeding your body properly also has other benefits aside from a better healing rate as well.

You will sleep better, feel better, have more energy, and be able to face all the challenges of a new day when fed properly. Also, digestive health is improved when the correct amounts of fiber are ingested. A healthy digestive system will let you absorb nutrients faster, and process waste much easier, and drinking plenty of water will also aid in this too.

In addition proper healthy nutrition helps your mind function better. The brain is reliant on any biological interactions in order to function properly and when you are well nourished everything operates at its peak. This leads to better concentration, mental clarity, and a sharper mind in general.

While it’s hard to get the right foods to take care of ourselves we must always make the effort at least. Many of us prefer to eat more fast food for the sake of convenience which is a very bad thing. While having fast food is okay once in a while you should never make it your primary food source. Remember to eat healthy in regards to available food types in your area and drink plenty of water.